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Listen to the wonderful sounds and tones of a Gong being played.  Taking you on your own journey to self healing and re-balancing your inner body.
Gong Meditation
This Guided Meditation will take you on a journey to a wonderful deserted beach where you can wander along as the gentle waves lap against your feet.  Or relax by the rock pools as you dabble your hand in the water.  Completely relax to the sound of the waves.  Divine.
Beach Meditations CD
This Guided Meditation will take you through a beautiful meadow o a small woodland where you follow the stream until you reach the waterfall.  Explore the secret pools and crystal caves.
Waterfall Meditations CD
Mindfulness meditation is about being in the present moment, here and now, on purpose and with acceptance.
Mindfulness Meditations CD
Two wonderful guided meditations to help prepare for you for your up and coming Medical Procedure and one to help with the healing process afterwards
Meditations for Surgery CD
This guided meditation toake you on a journey through meadows and mountain tops cleansing each of the 7 chakras as you go. Leaving you feeling rebalanced and refreshed.
Chakra Journey Meditation CD
Feel the Angelic presence of Angels as you learn to join them in meditation, connecting with their Divine power for healing and to help us in our daily lives.
Angel Meditations CD
Take a journey through the woodlands.  Enjoying the peace and tranquillity as you wander through the trees, listening to sounds of nature all around.
Woodland Walk Meditations CD
Chakra’s are the energy centres which run throughout our whole body.
Chakra Meditations CD
We all have the ability to meet our spirit guides and friends and family in the spirit world.  It just takes practice.  So here are two simple meditations to help you practice in the comfort of your own home.
Meeting Spirit Meditation CD
Help your loved ones achieve a deeper senseof Spirit-Mind-Body balance and Wellness. Give them the healing gift of Reiki with a Gift Certificate.  A 1-Hours full treatment for deep relaxation and healing.
Gift Certificate - Reiki

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